Services and Fees

Below are the current services and fees.  Please call with any questions.


The goal is to increase awareness and education surrounding mental health and mental illness to the community as well as to promote self-care.  Duration 15minutes.  Minimal of 10 people.

  • Breaking Through the Taboo: A conversation about Mental illness
    • Open discussion designed to bust myths and highlight facts about mental illness
  • Healthy Minds 100%!
    • Tips to motivate you towards self-care
  • Stress relief
    • Suggestions on ways to relief the pressures of stress

*Your mental health topic of choice is an option



Providing information and recommendations to those seeking information to have a healthy and empowered mind.  Includes seminars, webinars and talks. As well as assessments and referral.   Duration 1 hour.  5-10 people.

  • Healthy Women’s Circle: Girl talk with a Theme
    • Open discussion provided at a location of your choice to help introduce topics for healthy living.
  • Grief: The Stages
    • A talk to provide an overview of the stages of grief.
  • Demystifying Mental Illness
    • A seminar defining mental illness, the causes, signs, symptoms, and supports

*Your mental health topic of choice is an option



Training sessions are dedicated to teaching a specific skill or behavior and are geared towards organizations and providers working with consumers who have mental illness.   Duration 3 hours.  10-25 people.

Understand and Respond to stress

  • Learn what stress is
  • Understand the function of stress
  • Recognize stress
  • Lean techniques to effectively manage stress

*Your mental health option is a choice


Workshops provides opportunities for individuals, groups, and care givers to learn new information and develop new abilities to cope with life’s stressors.   Duration 1.5hrs.   10-25 people.

De-Stress and Renew!

  • Learn your signs and triggers of stress
  • Practice techniques to relieve the effects of stress
  • Create a “Renewed” motto for your life

 Master Stress and Renew!

  • Learn the function of stress
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Increase positive thinking skills
  • Learn Strategies for setting healthy boundaries

*Your mental health topic of choice


Therapy (psychotherapy or talk therapy) is a direct intervention to individuals, families and groups to help relieve barriers to peace.  Therapy goals are to help identify the specific problem, process what is going on and learn specific coping skills.  Group sessions are 3-7 people.

Individuals           Couple           Family          Group

$65                   $75                  $85                                    90mins

*                           *                    *                  $35              75mins

$50                    $60                 $70                                    50mins


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