About us

profile-picHello, I am Camelia Smith, LAPSW

Therapist and founder of Renewed Outlook

I attended The Florida State University where I received a Master’s in Social Work degree. I also attended the The University of Southern Mississippi and received a Bachelor’s in Social Work. I currently hold a license as a Licensed Advanced Practice Social Worker with approximately 13 years professional experiences working with youth, adults, care takers, and providers in the mental health field.

I have a strong passion to increase awareness related to mental illness which is attributed to my family’s battles and stigma with mental illness as well as the awareness and strength that prevailed.

As a therapist I have experience working with individuals and families in their journey of healing and change.  This has given me real insight to patterns that may be a barrier for you.  I bring with me patience, consistency, and candid discussion that promotes growth.  I truly believe that the way you see things affects the life you live.  I also believe that life is what you make it and gaining the necessary information, skills, and support will help you have a life you can enjoy.  I understand that you have unique circumstances.  I will be honored to work with you on your journey


Hi, I’m Tiffany Clarke, RN CM

Community Relations Coordinator

I attended Baptist School of Nursing and received an associate degree in nursing. I have 21yrs of professional experience working with adults and pediatrics providing direct care, education, advocacy and consulting. I joined Renewed Outlook because I have a strong passion to aide and assist with the spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing of others.

I am dedicated to the areas of stress intervention and building healthy relationships. My life’s motto is “believe it, speak it and work it.”  As the Community Relations Coordinator my goal is to understand the community’s needs and assist in developing activities and services to meet those needs. I am Renewed Outlook’s tactician and I thrive on seeing others live a joyful life of peace. Renewed Outlook can help.